TEMPORARY three-way traffic lights will be installed in Bridge Street and Wood Street, Taunton, while “important pipe repairs” are carried out by Wessex Water.

The repairs will be carried out between Monday, January 24, and Friday, February 4.

Wessex Water said: “Surveys have shown that the combined sewer running along Bridge Street has multiple structural defects and repairs will be followed by a full-length relining of the sewer pipes.

“After consulting with Somerset County Council, temporary three-way lights will be in place on Bridge Street, incorporating Wood Street, to allow the work to be completed safely and maintain traffic flow.”

Explaining why the work cannot be carried out at night, Wessex Water said: “Some of the work is likely to be noisy and would require lighting that would create an unfair disturbance to residents.

“Due to the nature of the work, we will not be able to restore the traffic management back to normal arrangements until the road is reinstated and safe to drive on.”

Open-cut excavation will take place for eight working days before the pipe is relined for three working days to restore its structural integrity.

Letters have been sent to members of the local community and early warning signs will be placed on the road before the start date to inform regular road users of the work.

Wessex Water said it is “working closely with Somerset County Council, who will also be sending out communications to reach the wider community”.

The water supplier said a harmless, short-lived odour may occur in cellars or low-level rooms near the repair site due to the resin used to cure and solidify the liner.

Travel Somerset, a service provided by the county council, tweeted: “Wessex Water is carrying out important pipe repairs from Monday 24 Jan to Friday 4 Feb on Bridge Street in Taunton.

“We understand this has to happen to avoid more disruptive works if action isn't taken.

“For more info contact Wessex Water.”