TAUNTON'S iconic town centre Bridge looks set for a major refurb following a social media campaign to smarten it up.

Somerset County Council has sent engineers to take a look at the structure and have pledged to spruce it up, with details to be revealed shortly.

It comes after several comments on Twitter from people upset at the state of The Bridge over the River Tone, on one of the main access roads to the county town centre.

Daffodil PR said: "So sad to see the magnificent iron bridge over the River Tone falling into such disrepair!

"Can someone please do something now, enough is enough!"

Sharon Grant, of Daffodil PR, said on her personal Twitter account: "Lived her all my life & this is sadly the worst I’ve ever seen it!

"Spring is just around the corner which will bring much needed tourists & visitors to @SomersetCCC so no more excuses please, just #getitdone."

District councillor Roger Habgood said: "Defendamus. This is part of Taunton’s Heritage. It certainly is an asset to the town.

"Wouldn’t it be good if a town council were in place in Taunton so that they could maintain it.

"That could have happened by now but it’s all gone a bit Pete Tong."

Kit Chapman, a director at The Castle Hotel and supporter of the arts, said: "@ArtsTaunton say ‘Get the job done!’...and help make @visit_taunton a great place to visit!"

Cllr Caroline Ellis, from Somerset West and Taunton Council, said: "SWT shares your concern - already on the case have no fear.

"Few hoops to jump through. Identified as priority for town centre. Love our town."

News from Somerset County Council today (Thursday, January 27) that action is being taken has been widely welcomed.

The council tweeted: "We know this key piece of our heritage needs urgent attention and are on the case.

"Engineers were on site this week carrying out tests - we'll soon be revealing exciting details of a major refurbishment!"

Cllr Andy Sully, SWT’s executive member for environmental services, said: “We are delighted to hear that Somerset County Council will be embarking on a maintenance programme for this important bridge.

"We also recognise the likely complexity of these works and have been in conversation with SCC to bring forward some of the aesthetic improvements so desperately needed.

"Somerset West and Taunton Council has committed financial resources to enable a programme of cleaning of the ornamental sections as part of our wider environmental and leisure improvements.

"SWT will commence and complete these works in the next two months.”

In August 2014, former Taunton Deane Council members Jane Warmington and Catherine Herbert spearheaded a clean up operation of the town bridge.

Supported by a team of volunteers, they rolled up their sleeves, donned hi-vis jackets and went along with brushes and buckets to tackle the grime and dirt on the now 132-year-old historic landmark.

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