A SOMERSET artist and painter is raising awareness for mental health and wellbeing through his own creations.

Mark Noble, from Street, said art can be a language and can provide people with tools to improve their own mental health or cope with their anxiety.

Mr Noble, who has dyslexia, is also an ambassador for a charity that works with artists with disabilities and learning disabilities.

He has also said the “beautiful county” of Somerset has provided him with much inspiration.

Somerset County Gazette:
'Blue meets Red' from Mark Noble's 'Driftwood Collection'. Photo by Cameron Spencer

He said: “Art for me is a language I use to express myself and I enjoy what I am doing.

“Art can be beneficial for many people. After the pandemic, I felt that it gave me a voice. One can express feelings and emotions through art, it’s endless and goes beyond boundaries.

“It’s not a cure, but is beneficial for people’s mental health and it also helps people with anxiety, that’s how I see it.”

Mr Noble has been an ambassador for the Outside In charity for a year and said “it is about giving them a voice” and creating a “big profile”.

Through his works, he is also trying to raise awareness for environment-friendly art.

This is why one of his projects involves recycled material.

Somerset County Gazette:
Another painting from the 'Driftwood Collection'. Photo by Cameron Spencer

He said: “One of my main projects is using recycled materials for my paintings like driftwood and trees break and old tabletop and wood from window frames and also old fences, panels, and other materials to paint and showcase the environment-friendly art.”

Mr Noble said he believes creativity can improve people’s wellbeing and said that many forms of art, like photography, painting, or sculpture can “all be beneficial”.

Somerset County Gazette:
Mark Noble's 'Galactic Wonders'. Photo by Cameron Spencer

Outside In is a charity that provides a platform for artists who face significant barriers to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance, or isolation.

For more information, visit outsidein.org.uk