WELL done the County Gazette your ‘Environment’ and ‘Climate News’ full pages give such big general education about our fast threatening climate and ecological emergencies.

Last week’s scientist based ‘Countdown to a Global Apocalypse’, which started at seven minutes in 1947, now down to 100 seconds for the third year running, scarily showed how we are on ‘the doorstep of doom’ and, with greenhouse emissions still rising, terrifying mass extinction is staring us all in the face right now, this century, not necessarily in the distant future.

The Climate and Ecology Bill, introduced in ‘private members’ by Green MP Caroline Lucas and now backed by 150 MPs, is vital legislation to tackle our climate and ecological emergencies via joined-up honest action, including citizen’s voices in the making.

“It requires the UK to achieve climate and nature targets ; gives the Secretary of State duty to implement a strategy to achieve those targets ; establishes a Climate and Nature Assembly to advise on creating that strategy; gives duties to the Committees on Climate Change and Joint Nature Conservation regarding the strategy and connected purposes targets.”

Unbelievably, lacking government support (Somerset’s Tory MPs and environment minister Rebecca Pow, all wanted?) it failed second reading parliamentary approval twice last year, with another try for March 18.

Could everyone everywhere pull together and do their damnest to get that majority vote. Write to your MP – again if you’ve done it before – get notices to your friends on social media and articles/ letters into as many local journals and newsletters as possible telling people to take action. Go to Westminster that day with banners and whistles; arrange to see your MP!

Do your best to convince everyone that post-pandemic any return to ‘normal’ is signing their own death warrant. Climate change demands radical lifestyle change. Our survival slogans, which few politicians dare say, are: Reduce and share in all economic activity e.g. house and food/goods, jobs, travel plus, ‘live simply so others can simply live’ and ‘think globally act locally’.

Yes, time is ticking, tipping points already missed, and ‘net’ zero – c/f 1990 high carbon level - is useless and must be ‘real’ zero.

Global transition to renewable energy is mainly untenable in demand for vast new metals mining.