FILM crews have been spotted setting up at Wells Cathedral for Straight Shooter, an upcoming Netflix series. 

Filming is set to begin on Thursday, March 3, and a security team will be on site for six weeks. 

According to Somerset County Council's roadworks website, Cathedral Green and St Andrew Street will be closed between March 3 and March 12 from 7am to 9pm . 

The council's website confirms the cause of the road closure is "filming" for Straight Shooter and says: "We will do our utmost to minimise disruption where possible." 

A trailer belonging to Location One, "a trusted partner of location and production teams across the country", could be seen outside the cathedral today.

Limited information is available online about Straight Shooter, although some industry professionals have updated their LinkedIn pages to reflect their roles in the production.

That includes Duncan Muggoch, a film and TV producer who has previously worked on Game of Thrones, Thor: The Dark World, The Bourne Ultimatum and The Da Vinci Code. 

Key Casting, "a leading UK-based agency for casting background artistes in the film and TV industry", were seeking men and women of Chinese heritage to take part in the series last year.

Somerset County Gazette: CATHEDRAL GREEN: Straight Shooter will start filming in Wells on March 3CATHEDRAL GREEN: Straight Shooter will start filming in Wells on March 3

According to Backstage, the agency's casting advert said: "Straight Shooter' is set to be a huge new TV series, filming into 2022 in and around London & Surrey."

Wells has been home to lots of filming in recent years. 

Today marks the 15th anniversary of Hot Fuzz, a police comedy directed by Edgar Wright, who grew up in the city and used to work as a shelf-stacker in the Somerfield store that later featured in the second instalment of the 'Cornetto Trilogy'.

Last year, cast and crew members from the Dungeons and Dragons movie were spotted at the cathedral to film the American fantasy-adventure film based on the game of the same name. 

In 2015, filming began in the city for The Huntsman, an action-adventure film starring Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Rob Brydon, and Nick Frost.

Several TV series, including Discovery of Witches and The Spanish Princess, also include scenes filmed in the city. 

Another Netflix series, Bridgerton, was filmed in Somerset, with several Bath landmarks visible throughout the first series.

Bridgerton received a nomination for the National Television Awards in September, and Bath and North East Somerset Council estimated the show would add £1.5 million to the local economy.