Despite being the quietest month for celestial events, each year February does grace us with the Snow Moon.

The spectacle is dubbed Snow Moon due to the month’s colder temperatures and to work with the seasonal elements of the lunar calendar.

A breathtaking event, the moon shines brightly and its large, white appearance is a sight to behold.

But the big question is, with the UK's February weather, will we actually see the Snow Moon?


How to see the Snow Moon in Somerset

According to Science Focus, the moon will appear in the night sky on Wednesday, February 16 and will be north of Regulus, the brightest star in the Leo the Lion constellation.

It will reach peak brightness at 4.56pm, following the moonrise at 4.52pm just before sunset at 5.17pm.

As always, the best chance of seeing a full moon is on a clear night away from any light pollution.

Sadly, Somerset is predicted to be windy with showers on Wednesday as Storm Dudley crosses the UK. Not the clear skies we would be hoping for but there is still a chance you may catch a glimpse through a break in the clouds.

:: Visit the Met Office website to check the full forecast for Wednesday’s snow moon.