A TREE planting project at Queen's College, Taunton, has been given the royal seal of approval.

The school has been awarded The Queen's Green Canopy commemorative plaque as part of the Platinum Jubilee year celebrations.

The Queen's College planting initiative, launched by the school's head of food and technology Joe Mann, is part of an effort to increase tree coverage on the school campus.

It also gives all pupils the opportunity of hands-on experience in planting and caring for trees and will help educate them about the importance of growing a variety of plants and trees in order to tackle climate change.

Mr Mann said, “We are absolutely delighted to have received a commemorative plaque as part of the Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

"We have so far planted over 420 indigenous fruit trees at Queen's, courtesy of the Woodland Trust, making Queen’s an even greener and cleaner place to be."