AROUND 49,000 properties in the south west of England are currently without power after Storm Eunice caused widespread disruption across the region yesterday.

Western Power Distribution, which provides power to the Midlands, south west and Wales, says it is “working hard” to restore electricity to customers and “will keep working until the lights are back on for everyone”.

An interactive map on its website shows there are properties without power across the county.

Affected areas include Taunton, the Quantock Hills, Bridgwater, Weston-super-Mare, and Burnham and Highbridge.

In some areas, power is not estimated to be restored until around 6pm.

Somerset County Gazette: POWER CUTS: Western Power Distribution's interactive map shows the areas affected by power cuts after Storm Eunice (Image: Western Power Distribution)POWER CUTS: Western Power Distribution's interactive map shows the areas affected by power cuts after Storm Eunice (Image: Western Power Distribution)

Richard Uffendell and his family, who live near Wedmore, were without power from around 3pm yesterday until just before 10am today – and, because their boiler is electric, they were also without heating.

He said they were “chilly overnight” but coped well, despite their lack of warmth.

Richard told the County Gazette: “We played some board games and card games, and then we had an early night. The highlight was playing board games by candle light.

“We had no internet or WiFi, nothing. We had people with generators who offered power and warmth to others.

“People were trying to help others, and I think that shows what a great neighbourhood we live in.

“There’s a couple of old folks in the village who were picked up by their sons or daughters and taken to their homes in other parts of the county or Bristol, where they had electricity and heating.”

On Twitter, a bride-to-be received over 150 replies to a tweet asking local people if they could lend her a generator for her wedding, which is taking place today in a church affected by power cuts. 

Last night at around 1:30am, police officers were on the scene at The Hill in Langport, which was closed due to fallen power lines. 

There are currently no reports of power cuts in Langport after Western Power Distribution staff 'worked tirelessly to ensure the lines were safe'.

As of 9am today, Western Power Distribution said it had restored power to around 435,000 customers and said around 72,000 were off supply across its network.

It said additional teams were being moved into the worst-affected areas to help with efforts to restore supplies and a helicopter unit has been deployed to speed the process up.

Graham Halliday, Western Power Distribution operations director, said: “I would like to reassure customers that we are working as hard as we can to restore supplies and our dedicated teams will keep working until the lights are back on for everyone.

“I would like to thank customers for their patience and support during these particularly challenging conditions.

“If you see damage to our equipment or spot electricity poles or power lines that are down, please stay clear of them and call 105.”

Western Power Distribution’s contact team has taken over 133,000 calls related to power cuts, and a further 195,000 reports have been made on its website.

It is liaising with the British Red Cross, which is providing welfare support.

Several road closures have also been reported across the county due to fallen trees, while work is ongoing to clear railway tracks across the south west. 

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