PUPILS at Priorswood Primary School, in Taunton, recently took part in the 19th Safer Internet Day (SID).

SID, which is celebrated in around 200 countries, addresses the key emerging online issues from cyber bullying to social networking to digital identity, all aimed at making the internet a safer and better place for children.

This year, the initiative took the them, 'Together for a better internet'.

All classes at Priorswood - part of The Redstart Learning Partnership - participated in the day, learning about different areas of internet safety and how we can protect ourselves online.

The children covered areas from being safe on social media, online gaming and how we report an issue online.

In the afternoon all classes created a piece of work highlighting a different area of online safety, using mind maps, reports and power points to showcase their work.

Organiser and computing lead at Priorswood Jake Ripley said: "The day was a great success and the children loved learning how to become safer online.

"It was especially nice to hear from parents how children have gone home and shared the new information they have learnt as well as applying their learning when using their own online devices."

A spokesperson for The Redstart Learning Partnership said: “The internet is now part of our daily lives and raising awareness of emerging online issues is crucial in making it a safer place for our children and allowing them to understand how to stay safe whilst online.

"It was great to see Priorswood Primary participate in Safer Internet Day inspiring the children to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

"It’s also encouraging to hear how the children took their learning home to share it."