LYNGFORD Park Primary School, on North Taunton, has 260 pupils and a growing nursery.

There are 10 busy, exciting classes at the diverse and inclusive school that strives for excellence.

Children enjoy attending and then move onto either Taunton Academy or Heathfield School.

Since September, when headteacher Nick Arnold took over, there have been significant improvements, through the school inside and out, including:

  • Classrooms refurbished and displays helping children to learn;
  • Playground remarked and new resources;
  • Fresh look at the curriculum and some new, exciting topics;
  • Maths Mastery approach and focus on presentation skills in everything;
  • Weekly Forest School offered to all children in Reception and Key Stage 1.

As a member of the Richard Huish Trust in January 2021, Lyngford Park's values are driving for excellence and working collaboratively whether it is within class, across a Key Stage phase or working with other schools within the trust.

Behaviour for Learning is improving with a fresh look at the curriculum.

Pupils enjoy the new, exciting topics and trips to extend learning.

A recent survey showed most parents feel their children are happy and safe in school, where there is a nurturing child-centred approach, striving for all children to do their best while delivering an interesting curriculum.

An all-year round nursery is opening in June - call 01823 284912 to reserve a place, or arrange to look around.

There is a range of sporting clubs, as well as art, singing and drama.

Mr Arnold said: "We are all working together to be the best we can be.

"Our children are a delight and we work hard to help each other, raising aspirations to achieve goals.

"My staff are committed and very dedicated to support all children and I am proud to be the headteacher.”


Harlow, aged six: "I enjoy coming to school. I like maths and art.

"I've got lots of friends and like the teachers.

"Queen Elizabeth sent us a letter after we wrote to her."

Joshua, seven: "Forest School is great and I like the teacher, Mrs Watson.

"There's lots of grass and trees round a big field.

"It's good to gete out of the classroom."

Radu, 11: "The headteacher is very caring and has done many things to improve it.

"The teachers make the learning so we can understand it easily.

"You can make friends easily here."

Maria, 10: "They repainted the basketball court and repaired it where there used to be holes.

"Now it's better and more attractive."

Abbey, 10: "I'm going to miss our maths lessons when I start secondary school because they are enjoyable.

"The teachers are really kind.

"The Christmas dinner was really nice and healthy."

Mya, 10: "We have amazing play equipment and a basketball court and a football field.

"We have a lot of after-school clubs and on Tuesdays the girls play football on the field and can have fun with each other, running around and kicking balls."


LYNGFORD Park Nursery is opening on the school campus this summer.

Mr Arnold said the facility, due to take youngsters from June, offers "exciting, high quality provision in newly refurbished accommodation".

And there are plans for a further extension in the future.

He said: "There are going to be fresh resources, with skilled practitioners offering individualised programmes and learning in a friendly and welcoming environment."

The nursery will be open 49 weeks a year from 8am to 6pm.

Meals will be provided.

There will be funded places and stretch funding opportunities available.

"The nursery will be ideal for working parents and those who require quality nursery provision."

If you are interested in enrolling your child or would like to book a visit to see the facilities for yourself, call the school on 01823 284912.


THERE are set to be a few staff changes from next term.

Lucas Upham has been seconded to Wellesley Park Primary School, in Wellington, from Apri l25

Miss Wasiewicz will become the deputy headteacher, although she will also remain teaching in Reception for two days a week.

Mrs Ingram will move from the nursery to reception and job share with Miss Wasiewicz for three days a week.

The new nursery manager will start on Monday, April 25, and work full-time to manage the transition to all-year round provision, which starts from Monday, June 6. Interviews for the post are being held over the coming weeks.

Mrs John will become the new Early Years Foundation Stage Lead, taking over from Miss Wasiewicz. Mrs John will also join the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Mrs Ingram will also become the new SENDCo for the summer term.

Kim, the school's PFSA, will become the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and join SLT.

Mr Harris will become the full-time teacher in Chestnut Class.


LYNGFORD Park Primary School was opened in Bircham Road back in 1969.

Its motto is 'Inspiring all to be the best they can be...inspire to aspire'.

Upcoming events scheduled for this month include a non-uniform day to raise money for Red Nose Day on Friday, March 18.

Pupils will be asked to make a minimum donation of £1.

Bikeability sessions are being held to improve Year 6 pupils' cycling skills on Monday and Tuesday, March 28 and 29.