A NEW KFC drive-thru' could open on a retail park on the outskirts of Taunton.

A planning application has been made to convert the existing Pizza Hut restaurant at Hankridge beside the M5.

KFC and Pizza Hut are both owned by parent company Yum!, which itself is a subsidiary of PepsiCo.

The proposals submitted to Somerset West and Taunton Council consist of alterations to the existing car park and modification to the front of the building.

There would also be associated landscaping, external seating, plant and refuse storage facilities.

The planning application says: "The proposal consists of minor modifications to an existing building, with part of the existing shopfront on the east elevation being replaced to allow for a drive thru' window and the construction of additional shopfront on the south elevation.

"Works also include reorganising car parking, servicing and vehicular access in order to allow for the drive thru' lane to function effectively.

"The minor modifications to the building’s appearance will include cleaning all of the existing brickwork, stonework and roof tiles, cleaning the shopfronts and door frames, gutters and fascias above in order to

provide a refreshed aesthetic.

"The materials used to build the additional shopfront and drive-thru' window will match the existing and will enhance the overall building function and appearance, and complement other units in the retail


The statement adds: "The existing shared car park layout has been modified in order to allow for a new drive thru' lane to be introduced.

"The design and position of a new drive thru' lane and drive thru' window has been carefully thought about and placed so as to minimise any traffic disruption in the retail park.

"Furthermore, to improve pedestrian connectivity and safety, a new two-metre wide footpath is proposed. As a result, two lamp posts will need to be relocated and a small area of soft landscaping removed."

The main entrance to the unit would be maintained, with the surrounding external adjusted to accommodate external seating, a drive-thru lane and redesigned car parking.

The proposed servicing for the site would take place within the site boundaries using the proposed servicing area to the side of the unit.

Overall, car parking would be reduced by seven spaces in order to accommodate the proposed alterations.