A MAN from Street has been handed a £560 court bill after he was caught driving at 95mph on the M4 in South Gloucestershire.

Kristi Hristakev, of Strode Road, exceeding the 70mph speed limit near Tormarton on August 29, 2021.

Hristakev, 30, pleaded guilty under the single justice procedure on Monday, March 21.

The single justice procedure allows people charged with a minor criminal offence to have their case decided by a magistrate without going to court.

He was fined £428 and ordered to pay £90 in court costs and a £42 surcharge to fund victim services by a magistrate in Bath.

Hristakev has until May 2 to pay his £560 court bill.

He was also handed five penalty points.

Court documents say Hristakev’s guilty plea was “taken into account when imposing sentence”.

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