Dear Sir.

The now thankfully delayed works - (which would have led to the closure of the A358) - are utterly unacceptable to any part of West Somerset.

To be denied any emergency service for 72 hours is criminal

To have closed the road once was just acceptable owing to natural forces at work but Somerset County Council highways should have been aware long before the actual collapse.

To close it again a few months later to resurface indicated appalling contract management

Now to close the road a third time leads one to ask who is responsible and why are they still in post.

  • Why total 24/7closure.? Blue light services MUST have access.
  • How many miles is the diversion routes longer than the closed route?
  • Why originally planned for just at the start of summer tourist season?
  • The explanation of why, and exactly what works are being undertake is ambiguous.
  • Is the contract for 24/7 working and if not why not?
  • Sight of SCC Highways Cost Benefit Analysis for the works.
  • How are the "Rat runs" used by locals along single lane roads to be managed to prevent head to head traffic jams?
  • Will Operation Wader (police diversion routes) be implemented?
  • If the contractor cannot carry out works to just over 0.5 km in 10 weeks then another contractor n be appointed.

A public meeting must be held to explain to the population to the west of the closure why it necessary and the compensation that will be paid to businesses adversely effected.

Full answers will be expected to all the above questions.

Stuart Dowding.


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