A THREE-kilometre exclusion zone has been set up around a site in Somerset where a case of bird flu has been detected.

Defra has also imposed a ten-kilometre surveillance zone near the South Somerset town of Ilminster.

The village of Horton appears to be the location of the case as it is at the centre of an interactive map circulated by the Government department.

Somerset County Gazette:

The restrictions remain in place until further notice and anyone failing to comply may be committing an offence under the Animal Health Act 1981.

Defra confirmed the "highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5NI on Friday (April 8).

All birds on the infected premises, which has not been officially named, will be "humanely culled".

Anyone occupying premises in the exclusion zone where poultry or other captive birds are kept must make records of the details of any visitors and all poultry entering or leaving the premises.

A Defra spokesperson said: "Cases of avian influenza (in England) continue to be confirmed in poultry and other captive birds.

"The risk of avian influenza from wild birds remains very high.

"An Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ), which includes the need to house all birds, remains in force across the UK.

"Failure to comply with the AIPZ is an offence and risks the health and welfare of your birds."

The government has confirmed 94 cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 in England.

There have also been two cases of avian influenza in Wales where a small area of the disease control zones around the premises extended into England. One of these zones is still in place and one has been revoked.

In addition there have been two cases of avian influenza in Scotland where a small area of the surveillance zone surrounding each case extended into England. Both of these zones have been revoked.