NORTON Fitzwarren Church School is a 10-class village school set in beautiful grounds.

The school is part of the Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust, which is a family of around 30 church schools.

The aim is to provide an outstanding education for every child, enhanced by a distinctively Christian ethos. 

Headteacher Kelly Birt said: "At our school we aim to provide the best education we can for each child.

"We live our lives at school through our vision statement, 'One family, together we shine' - which is underpinned by the scripture 'I am the good shepherd ' (John chapter 10 verse 11 - ensuring all children thrive and achieve their full potential.

"This  inclusive education will develop their academic, artistic and creative, physical and personal skills.

"We want the children to be confident, able individuals who value themselves and others and are able to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider world."All stakeholders in the school, work together to create an ethos which will give the children the best opportunities."


The curriculum at Norton Fitzwarren is designed to excite, challenge and nurture the pupils, while underpinning the Christian values of respect, forgiveness, resilience, friendship, compassion and perseverance.

From pre-school through to Year 6, the children are offered a variety  of extra-curricular activities such as a Year 6 residential to the Isle of Wight, trips to Minehead beach and termly clubs including Sports Club, Dance Club, Choir, Science Club and Service Premium Club.

Within classes, children's learning is driven by their interests and structured to embed and build upon established skills. 

Riley, a pupil in Year 6 Sycamore Class said the curriculum is "exciting, interesting and helps us to be inquisitive".


Mini Police is an innovative police engagement programme that is delivered in schools with the support of local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).

The scheme provides a fun and interactive way to introduce children to a positive experience of policing and to get them involved in the local community.

It is a fantastic way to build confidence and learn new skills and an opportunity to develop their sense of social justice and moral responsibility, safety and policing through a fun and engaging programme of activities.

The Norton Mini Police had a great opportunity to learn all about drones recently with their special visitors from Portishead. The next visitors the children are looking forward to welcoming are the police horses and dogs.

The pupils have also done a litter pick around Norton Fitzwarren and put posters up around the village, reminding people to be mindful where they park. 


A Wellbeing Day is run at Norton every term.

This is an entire day off timetable, where the schools focuses on their wellbeing.

The theme this term was 'The Wellbeing of ourselves and others'.

Mrs Birt said: "We spent our morning thinking about Ukraine and reflecting and being mindful of how we can love and support any Ukrainian families.

"We created a prayer wall of sunflowers to remind us to pray.

"We also spent time thinking about our own mental health and wellbeing."

Pupils in Year 1 and 2 beautifully described wellbeing as: "Being kind, loving people, health, listening to people, friendship, living happily, forgiving, helping others and having fun."

Kelly Jones, the school's thrive lead, said: "Wellbeing Day is embraced by everyone from pre-school up to Year 6.

"It is a moment of reflection, to pause from the business of school life and to increase our awareness of ourselves.

"We want to make conversations around mental health normal.

"We want our children to grow up with an awareness of themselves and to have the oracy skills to communicate their own needs and ask for help when they need it.

"We pride ourselves on our ability to equip our children with the tools they need to keep themselves and others safe and to know it's always OK to talk about mental health."