DEAR sir,

Our airwaves and print columns are being polluted by pontification on pollution of rivers by sewerage:

Fact 1: The Government has passed comprehensive legislation forcing water companies to end sewerage discharges, Fact 2: The Liberal Democrats voted against this legislation. The reality is that the UK is almost, if not the most densely populated country in Europe.

The result is over population and over consumption of resources. The supporting studies to the draft Regional Space Strategy 25 years ago made clear that the South West had not the infrastructure or resources to cope with any huge influx of further population. It has come anyway.

What is the solution? Putting houses on agricultural land reduces its capacity to soak up rainfall. Attenuation ponds are just a partial answer. We would be better reinventing Taunton with a balanced provision of housing, social activities and that large posh shed for multipurpose use. Where is the action on this? Actions speak louder than words.

D. BRADLEY, Taunton