IN a recent study conducted by it was revealed that the most popular cuisine in Somerset West and Taunton is Japanese.

This was discovered after over 10,000 restaurant reviews in Somerset West and Taunton were dissected to learn which cuisine was best reviewed.

Based on a sentiment score, Japanese scored 74.6 out of 100. Beating British food with 65.6, fast food on 63.75, and Chinese on 52.98.

What is interesting about this is when you search Just Eat on your phone app for a Japanese restaurant in the Taunton area, there is none.

You can order Japanese style dishes from a couple of restaurants in the town though.

Somerset County Gazette: Graph of Somerset West and Taunton

For the South West as a whole region, the most popular dish was a Sunday roast.

Despite this, data reveals that the South West is the only region across the UK which favours fast food.

With a popularity score of 70.07/100, fast food is 16% more popular in the South West than British food.

Across England as a whole, it is clear that the English people love Italian cuisine, which has the highest score of all the cuisines researched in the country (60.54).

To get this data sought to uncover the most loved cuisines across each region of the UK.

To do this, a sentiment analysis was conducted on an internal dataset of over 10 million restaurant reviews across the UK.

You can see all the data here: