THREE Somerset students have received offers to study medicine at universities across the UK following competitive application processes. 

The students, who are currently enrolled in A level programmes at Millfield School's upper sixth, are “thrilled” to have received the offers. 

They are Ella Gambold, Rozalia Moore, and Harriet Woodland-Broome. 

Ella, who joined Millfield Prep School in year eight, studies maths, further maths, biology, and chemistry.

She has received an offer to study medicine at Cardiff University after deciding to complete her A levels at Millfield due to its academic provision and music facilities.

“I’m very excited to have received an offer from Cardiff University,” said Ella. 

“The university has a unique way of teaching which is more through case work rather than lectures, and that really appealed to me.”

She says two of her teachers, Miss Landrigan and Miss Weal, helped her secure work experience - even during the pandemic - and organised mock interviews to support her application process. 

Rozalia, a day student from Somerset, has been at Millfield since joining its prep school in year seven. 

She studies maths, biology, chemistry, and art at A level, and has received offers from  Cardiff University and the University of Exeter. 

Rozalia said: “I chose Cardiff and Exeter because I absolutely love the look of the courses and I think they will really suit me as a person.

“I wanted to study medicine as I see it as a rewarding and varied career that could take me in any direction within the field and, however clichéd it is, provides me with the opportunity to change someone's life, whether that be a life-changing surgery or making someone comfortable in their last few hours.”

Harriet, who joined Millfield in lower sixth, studies A levels in biology, chemistry, and geography. 

She has received offers to study medicine at the University of East Anglia and the University of Southampton. 

“I’m thrilled to receive offers from these two universities,” said Harriet.

“Alongside the research opportunities they provide, getting early-patient contact in the course was important to me, and both universities prioritise this from the first week.”

Harriet said the teaching staff at Millfield, particularly Miss Weal, Mrs Haydon, and Ms McEwen, inspired her to study biology and helped with her application. 

“It’s been great to have so much support from my teachers while applying for these courses,” she added. 

Millfield School students receive university talks and UCAS advice throughout their time in sixth form. 

The school also offers work experience through its Old Millfieldian Society but encourages students to find their own placements by writing a CV and covering letter and improving their networking and employability skills. 

It also has a dedicated medics programme to support students through the application process to receive offers from medical schools.