UP to 80 homes along with shops and a food takeaway could be built in a village near Taunton.

Hallam Land Management has applied for outline planning permission for the development in Cotford St Luke.

It hopes to win approval for the scheme on a 12-acre field off Dene Road.

Included in the proposals are:

  • up to 80 mainly three-bedroom homes, with up to 20 social housing properties;
  • a local centre with shops and "potential for a hot food takeaway";
  • a principal access road onto Dene Road;
  • green infrastructure and play space including allotments/community orchard, a network of open space;
  • pedestrian and cycle connections.

There would also be footway improvements along the northern side of Dene Road.

The applicant says there will be "a ground-up approach that retains and protects the landscape framework of existing trees and hedgerows, and places them within public green infrastructure".

It adds: "The creation of complimentary new habitats will build upon the existing landscape framework and enhance site wide biodiversity.

"This will include new species rich hedgerows, native species trees, as well as a matrix of long meadow, wet meadow, and amenity grassland."

There would be a "modal shift towards a walking/cycling neighbourhood" along green corridors.

The application adds: "Allotments and locally distinctive orchard trees will be integral to the public open space, to give residents the facilities they need on their door step to enjoy the outdoors.

"A new equipped play area will be strategically located in the east of the site, within easy walking distance of the new and existing communities.

"This will consist of a Local Area of Play (LAP) with equipped play features for young children.

"In addition to the equipped play area, incidental public areas have been introduced at the micro scale, as a place to stop and sit, and encourage social interaction and enhance social well-being.

"A looped footway/cycleway will be provided around the site, to allow residents the flexibility to form running routes and walk their dog if desired.

"A local centre will be provided within the site, including commercial and community space with opportunity for new shops, restaurant, takeaways, businesses and facilities such a clinics, crèches and nurseries.

"Adjacent to the local centre will be an area of public realm in the form of a village square. This will be a paved area with seating and tree planting and will provide a space for socialising and market stalls."