Taunton residents have had their say on what they think are the best things about living in the town.

We put the question to our followers on Facebook after we were shocked to discover that Somerset's county town did not appear on this year's Best Places to Live list, put together by Garrington.

Yeovil, Bridgwater and Frome are wonderful of course, but for Taunton not to even rank in the South West list at all, really rankled with us.

It's not perfect of course, as some readers were keen to point out. The roads are a big headache and it's not without its crime, but there was an overwhelming sense of community spirit and pride from many responders.

Romi Hanigerova said: "The people. I’ve never experienced lovelier, kinder and more helpful community.

"I talk to random strangers on a daily basis."

Michelle Edwards said: "The amazing generosity and community spirit. Look at our town's response to the current Ukrainian crisis. Simply outstanding."

Jess Hayes said: "Convenience, its perfect for travel. On the M5, mainline perfectly centre between Bristol and Exeter. Plus the beach and hills are nearby, so it kinda has everything. Just lacks urban entertainment in town centre."

There does seem to be a bit of a buzz about town lately, with several new businesses opening up and plans to revitalise some of the empty premises.

Somerset County Gazette:

The old Next shop is due to be filled and a new bubble tea shop has opened.

There are also plans for a new Kaspas and Doner & Gyros, not to mention that our of the town centre there is a new Starbucks drive-thru and plans to open a steakhouse.

Cherry Clarke said: "The Quantocks, the Blackdowns, being close to the sea, easy reach of Exeter and Bristol and airports, beautiful villages, great people, Vivary park, the cricket ground, the horse racing, nice restaurants and cafes, farmers markets, independent quarters like Bath place and St James st - these are some of the things good about living here."

Kate Bousfield said: "The community around me, family, friends, VivaryPark, Longrun Meadow, Frenchweir park, MPH, Museum No 38 Coffee shop the list goes on.

Sadie Van Niekerk said: "I’m excited about it’s future and the ‘garden experience’ it’s proposing."

Patricia Hayton said: "Having spent a week back here in my hometown, I would say the best thing is getting out into the countryside surrounding Taunton. I never realised how lovely it was when I was living here."

Kate Howard said: "I absolutely love living here, as someone above said we’re right on the motorway, there’s a beach practically 45 mins away in any direction. The gorgeous greenery around us and the just the fresh air! We’re so very lucky living here, just imagine living in a high rise flat in a concrete jungle. I know where I’d rather live."