THE clubbing scene has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades in Taunton and the County Gazette asked its readers what their favourite nightclub of old was.

The question was posed on our Facebook page, ‘What was the best nightclub in Taunton back in the day?’

And nearly 900 of you shared your thoughts on where the best place to dance the night away was, read on and see if you agree with the opinions of the Taunton public.

Anne Brown said her favourites were: “Camelot and 88400, some nights to remember.”

Her comment encouraged a large number of people to agree; Muriel Clark said: “Oh yes, nights never forgotten.”

For Sara Dyer though, her best were: “Kingstons and Nightowls and The Ivory Club.”

Frank Hicks suggested a whole night out in his response: “The George, Hangmans, Cellar Bar and to finish up, where else but Camelot, great times and brilliant memories.”

Harvey Hawkins responded with a fair point saying the best nightclub of old depended on what sort of night out you were looking for.

He said: “If it was a raucous evening of heavy drinking and dancing then Kingstons was the go-to venue, however a much more civilised night of heavy drinking and dancing could be enjoyed in The Ivory Club.”

Simon Hards added a valid point, he said: “All of them, don’t remember too much from when I was in those clubs!”

However, it wasn’t all fun and games, for Mark Holder, he said “in Kingstons, I broke my leg falling off the stage.”

Some of the most common names that kept popping up in the comments feed were Kingstons, 88400, Camelot, Nightowls, The Ivory Club and Café Mamba.

Finally, to add to the fond memories made in nightclubs gone by in Taunton, Karen Ham said “Kingstons nightclub, I met my husband there in 1987,” what a story that is.

It may actually be hard to determine which is categorically the best nightclub of old in Taunton, but one thing is certain, the nightlife in the county town was once something to rave about.

Can that be said about the nightlife now, in 2022?