MORE details have been revealed of proposals for two food businesses to share the same premises in Taunton.

Kaspa's Desserts and Döner & Gyros hope to operate in the former Maplin store at 12 County Walk.

An application to subdivide the building into two separate units has been lodged with Somerset West and Taunton Council.

The plans include a replacement shopfront, the installation of heating, ventilation and cooling equipment, a partial change of use permission and permission for signage.

The store became vacant after Maplin went into administration in March 2018. Previously it was occupied by Blockbuster Video.

A submission with the application says: "The proposal is to subdivide the existing unit into two separate units, creating on one side a Kaspa’s dessert parlour and on the other side a Döner & Gyros, which as a mix of restaurant and hot food takeaway.

"In order to facilitate the works, a new shopfront entrance is proposed to the main road, as well as the required extraction for the cooking to the Döner & Gyros side.

"As this extraction will be taken externally in a service area this will have negligible effect upon the surrounding environment."

Under primary shopping area rules, proposals to convert shops to other uses at ground floor level or the provision of non-retail units at ground floor level by new build or refurbishment are only allowed under certain circumstances.

These include where they would help to sustain and enhance the vitality and viability of the primary shopping area, and the retail function of the immediate area will not be undermined by increased non-retail uses.

The application says: "As this planning application not only brings a vacant unit back into use, but subdivides this into two separate units...there will be no loss to the vitality and viability of the area."

It adds: "The contribution of the proposal to the vitality and viability of the primary shopping area is clear as it will bring a beneficial diversity to the area through two new brands and experiences of restaurant that are not currently present within this area.

"This will not only be an experience for existing shoppers, but will likely to attract additional visitors and tourists.

"The active shopfronts will provide visual interest through quality frontages and advertisement displays and will aim to generate significant pedestrian footfall throughout core shopping hours similar to those generated by the prime location retail uses."

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