WELLINGTON School has won the Boarding Schools Association BSA) award for Best Community Work.

The school was recognised for its contribution to the Wellington community and beyond.

Headmaster Eugene du Toit said: “The community beyond the gates is an integral part of the identity of Wellington School and we are deeply committed to supporting it to the very best of our ability.”

The school identifies and champions local causes, supports them through fundraising, direct involvement and offers practical assistance.

Mr du Toit said it is a vital element of a Wellington School education that students are aware of and sympathetic towards the needs of the wider community.

There are also global issues including raising money for a Nepalese School after an earthquake, donating shoes to the Philippines and computers to a school in Africa.

There is also support of primary schools in many partnership initiatives, each year involving hundreds of local children in fun and educational activities and challenges, involving secondary schools in the enrichment programmes and offer coaching/training opportunities to children in sporting clubs.

“I like to think of Wellington as a school with deliberately ‘low walls’ and we are proud to be part of the town," added Mr du Toit.

"We celebrate working with and alongside our community and we are deeply committed to continuing to do so in the future."