STUDENTS from a Somerset school have scored highly in the spring SAT exams used by American universities' admissions teams to evaluate applicants.

A total of 60 Millfield School sixth-form students sat the exams in March. 

The SAT exams test students on their aptitude in reading, writing, and mathematics. 

They are an essential component of admissions evaluation for competitive places at top universities in the United States. 

This was the largest-ever cohort of Millfield students to take part in the exams as the number of British students attending US universities hits an all-time high.

Lower sixth student Solomon Williams attained exceptional results, scoring 1530/1600 overall - the second highest score in Millfield’s SAT history.

His results included full marks (800/800) in the mathematics paper. 

Solomon's score placed him in the top 99 per cent National Representative Percentile (NPR).

He represented England at swimming in the same week he sat the exams.

Lower sixth students James Sclater (1,440/1,600), Francesca Davis (1,310/1,600), and Chichi Okafor (1,310/1,600) also scored highly and were placed in the top 90 per cent NPR.

In total, a third of Millfield students who took part scored over 1,200/1,600 across the examinations and placed in the top 85 per cent NPR. 

Francesca said: “I was really impressed with the support that the school gave me in order to prepare for the SATs.

“Having classes timetabled into my schedule meant that I didn’t have to plan my study sessions and was also able to get support from specialist teachers in the different subject areas.” 

Millfield provides specialist guidance for applications to American universities and employs a tutor in charge, a SAT advisor, and a Virginia Fellow to help candidates get advice and guidance throughout the process.

Millfield is one of only a few SAT centres in the UK, meaning students do not need to leave the Somerset campus to sit their exams.