A SELFLESS 20-year-old from Yeovil is volunteering to teach English and maths to children at a non-profit pre-school in Arusha, Tanzania.

George Clark has been travelling since January and is now supporting the education of children aged betweeen three and six years old at the charity-run facility.

He is working with charity SATINO (Save and Teach the Innocent), which aims to provide children of different backgrounds with an education before they start attending primary school. 

The charity says this helps develop the children's talents and gives them the opportunity to receive a better education.

The organisation was founded in 2015 after its director Augustino Kessy travelled through East Africa to research agriculture, economic development, and childcare.

Somerset County Gazette: Pupils outside the non-profit school in Tanzania. Picture: SuppliedPupils outside the non-profit school in Tanzania. Picture: Supplied

He saw first-hand the poverty and poor conditions some children were being brought up in without access to a proper education.

He was inspired to create a better environment for children to learn and grow in by founding his non-profit organisation. 

SATINO now has around 125 students aged up to six years old, at which point they have to go to another primary school - either private or government-run - which the charity says can be expensive or in “bad condition” and can have up to 100 children per teacher.

The charity is aiming to acquire a three-acre patch of land to build new classrooms for children of primary school age to provide an affordable alternative for families.

Somerset County Gazette: The location of Tanzania in East Africa. Picture: Google MapsThe location of Tanzania in East Africa. Picture: Google Maps

The charity is fundraising online to make this possible, saying: “Now, we are looking forward to achieve our long-term goal of having a standard school to start class one.

“Having that will allow us to stay with the kids from age of 2 to 14 (primary level) and later on to go up to the age of 18.”

George said: “The school is currently fundraising for new permanent buildings which will provide more space for the children.

“They will then have the opportunity to play outside and have smaller class sizes.

“If you would like to get involved and help these wonderful children, visit https://gogetfunding.com/help-us-to-build-school-for-kids-in-need-in-arusha-tanzania/”.