TWO people were taken to hospital on Friday to be treated for inhalation injuries “following the mixture of two chemicals” on a farm near Frome. 

Firefighters from Frome were called to the hazardous materials incident at the farm in Hemington on May 20.

Upon arrival, they put a cordon in place and identified the chemicals involved with the owner of the property.

The chemicals were disposed of and the hazards were removed.

The two casualties were treated at the scene by paramedics before they were taken to hospital. 

A spokesperson for the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service said: “Crews from Frome attended an incident on a farm outside of Frome where two casualties had suffered inhalation injuries following the mixture of two chemicals.

“Crews arrived on scene and put in place a cordon and liaised with the owner of the property to identify the chemicals.

“Crew wore appropriate personal protection equipment including respirators and ventilated the area where the chemicals had been stored.

“Ambulance staff treated the casualties and then conveyed them to hospital by land ambulance.

“The chemicals were then disposed of correctly and the hazards eliminated.”

On the same day, fire crews from Taunton and Wellington were called to a fire in a hall of residence in Honiton Road, Trull. 

A spokesperson said: “The fire involved a microwave in an office within the building.

“Crews extinguished the fire using a positive pressure ventilation fan.

“The cause of the fire was accidental.”