FORMER Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten believes the re-issue of the band’s iconic hit God Save the Queen to mark the Platinum Jubilee is “unnecessary” - as the “song belongs to its historical place”.

The song was originally released in 1977 and coincided with the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and is set to be re-released on vinyl later this month to mark the Platinum Jubilee.

Rotten had previously expressed negative opinions on the single re-issue, which coincided with the Queen’s Diamon Jubilee in 2012, as reported by the BBC.

Somerset County Gazette: Johnny Rotten and PiL (Photo by PiL official)Johnny Rotten and PiL (Photo by PiL official)

The former Sex Pistols frontman, who will soon be in Somerset with his Public Image Ltd tour, has criticised the upcoming re-issue and explained how the song “belongs to its historical place”.

He also said it was "remarkable" how the Queen "kept the Royal Family together".

Speaking to the County Gazette Rotten said: “The song belongs to its historical place, now the fanbase is different and completely oblivious of the past.

“Does the world need a historical re-enactment? It’s just for the money and it’s a shame because it was never like that, never.

“I had never expectations of it [the song] being popular, it was quite a surprise. The re-issue is a Mickey Mouse production issue of the Sex Pistols.

“The song was understood by the audience, but it won’t be now, it’s unnecessary.”

Somerset County Gazette: Photo by Rob Lowe/PiLPhoto by Rob Lowe/PiL

The motivation behind the re-issue was “to get more money from the fans” and it did not take into account the original fanbase, he also added.

He added: “I have never done anything for the money. I have values and I have beliefs and I express them openly.”

The punk-rock anthem was kept off the top spot by Rod Stewart and even its listing on the charts was censored, such was the controversy it caused when it was released.

Now it has another chance to reach the top, as 4,000 physical copies are set for release on May 27.

Rotten formed Public Image Ltd after the Sex Pistols split in 1978 and they themselves split up in 1992.

They reformed in 2009 and will this year finally embark on a UK tour that has been rescheduled due to the Covid pandemic.

Public Image Ltd will play in Frome on June 13 at the Cheese and Grain as part of their tour.

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