QUEEN'S College Highgrove Nursery has been judged 'outstanding' across all areas by education inspectors.

Staff are praised in an Ofsted report released this month and children are said to be enthusiastic, happy and confident.

The report says: "Children of all ages are eager and inquisitive learners.

"They enthusiastically explore the exciting indoor and outdoor learning environments.

"They develop resilience and pride in their achievements.

“Staff expertly notice what fascinates children and use this information very successfully to motivate their learning.

"The children move on to their next setting as happy, confident and independent learners, ready for their next challenge.”

The inspectors said staff are "extremely gentle" with babies and young children, who gain a "highly positive awareness of their own uniqueness and each other's differences".

They added: "The management team is highly professional and committed to providing an extremely high-quality provision for children and families.

"There is a sustained drive to continually develop, and they employ qualified and experienced staff who share their high ambition.”

Leaders offer "highly effective support" to the "happy staff team.

The report says: "(Parents) confirm how rapidly their children are progressing, while having fun.

"Parents value the strong partnerships they have with staff.

"These give them confidence that the staff know their children's needs extremely well and meet them highly successfully."

Highgrove offers outstanding daily opportunities for children to be active and relax. in thoughtfully designed bespoke playrooms for children from birth to three and a half.

Henry Matthews, head of Queen’s Prep School said; "We are incredibly proud of the wonderful work that our Highgrove team do on a daily basis and the 'outstanding' Ofsted report is the icing on the cake for us. It underpins and reinforces the great work we see at Queen's Highgrove.

“Our staff have been recognised as 'highly skilled' and that they seek to expand our children's learning at every opportunity through our ambitious curriculum.

"Parents are an integral part of our community, and this report recognises that families are kept central to all we do.

"Our continuous aim at our school is that everyone in the community comes to learn in a happy and safe environment, our strong culture of safeguarding was shown to be a real strength and is crucial to the work we do."

Nursery manager Donna Kershaw said: “We couldn’t be more proud of achieving this outstanding report from Ofsted and I would like to thank all our nursery families and staff for their wonderful support on the day and always.”