DOZENS Somerset streets will be closed to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, writes Daniel Mumby.

Events are being planned between June 2 and 5, including town centre parades and street parties.

Somerset County Council has published a list of approved road closures, showing what parties are being staged in your area.

Here’s a list of road closures in force over the long weekend:


High Street and Victoria Street, Burnham-on-Sea – street party, 7am-7pm.

Pier Street and Esplanade, Burnham-on-Sea – children’s parade, 7am-4pm.

College Street, Burnham-on-Sea – street party, 12-6pm.

B3162 Crowshute Link, Chard – parade, 7-10:30am.

North Street, Norton St. Philip – street party, 10am-10pm.


High Street between Chapel Hill and Farm Hill, Ashcott – street party, 9am-6pm.

Goose Street, Beckington – street party, noon-midnight.

B3162 Crowshute Link, Chard – parade, 10-11am.

Church Road, Honiton Road, Moor Lane, Red Lane, Royston Road and Taunton Road, Churchstanton – street party, noon-midnight.

Combe Florey Road, Combe Florey – street party, 10am-5pm.

Churchward Drive, Frome – street party, 10am-6pm.

High Street, Magdalene Street and Market Place, Glastonbury – parade, 2-3pm.

Castleton, Haselbury Plucknett – street party, 10am-5pm.

Quaker Place, Highbridge – street party, noon-6pm.

Shiremoor Hill, Merriott – street party, 2-10pm.

Spring Gardens, Minehead – street party, 10am-10pm.

Top of Lower North Cheriton Road, North Cheriton – street party, 10am-6pm.

Church Road, North Newton – street party, 12-5pm.

23-45 Clifford Avenue, Taunton – street party, 11:30am-6pm.

Irwell Green, Taunton – street party, 3-4pm.

Statham Close, Taunton – street party, 11:30am-7pm.

Shuteleigh, Wellington – street party, 8am-8pm.

Springfield Road, Wellington – street party, 10:30am-5pm.

Beckett Place, Wells – street party, 2:30-6pm.


Four Acre Mead, Bishops Lydeard – street party, noon-6:30pm.

Chandos Street and West Quay, Bridgwater – street party, 8:45am-9:45pm.

Danesboro Road between Birchham Close and Dunkery Road, Bridgwater – street party, noon-midnight.

St. Catherine’s Hill, Bruton – street party, noon-3pm.

High Street and Victoria Street, Burnham-on-Sea – vintage static vehicle show, 7am-7pm.

B3162 Crowshute Link, Chard – outdoor concert at The Beacon, 4pm-midnight.

River Street, Combwich – street party, 11am-6pm.

Old Paintworks Road, Frome – street party, 2-10pm.

Selwood Road, Frome – street party, noon-8pm.

B3139 Market Street, Highbridge – street party, 4-11pm.

Church Street and The Shambles, Shepton Beauchamp – street party, 10am-midnight.

The Withy’s, Street – 1:30-5pm.

Malvern Terrace, Taunton – street party, 10am-10pm..

Princess Road, Taunton – street party, 11am-4pm.

B3187 High Street (from Fore Street to Longforth Road) and South Street (between Bulford and High Street), Wellington – street party, 6am-6pm.

Sparrow Hill Way (between Piper’s Close and Splott Lane), Weare – street party, noon-midnight.

Church Street, West Pennard – street party, 11am-4:30pm.


Ash Priors (by village hall) – street party, 9am-6pm.

Meadow Street, Axbridge – street party, 11am-8pm.

Knowle Road (between Frederick Road and Trevor Road), Bridgwater – street party, 10am-2am.

Gardenhurst, Burnham-on-Sea – street party, 9:55am-5:55pm.

Grove Road (from Marlborough Close to the Avenue Tennis Club), Burnham-on-Sea – street party, noon-8pm.

Priestley Road, Burnham-on-Sea – street party, 9:30am-11pm.

Burtle Road (between Catcott Road and Station Road), Burtle – street party, 10am-5pm.

Steel Lane, Catcott – street party, 10am-6pm.

Greenhayes, Cheddar – street party, 11:30am-4pm.

Cat Street, Chiselborough – street party, 11:30am-5pm.

Church Road, Honiton Road, Moor Lane, Red Lane, Royston Road and Taunton Road, Churchstanton – parish lunch, 9am-5pm.

East Cranmore Road, Cranmore – street party, 11am-11pm.

Fayreway (east of Honeymead), Croscrombe – street party, 10am-5pm.

Crowcombe Road, Crowcombe – street party, 11am-3:30pm.

Top of View Point Road, Cuckington – street party, noon-5pm.

Cudworth Road, Dowlish Wake – street party, noon-6pm.

Station Road, Draycott – street party, noon-7pm.

Church Road, Fitzhead – street party, 1:30-6pm.

Avenue Road, Frome – street party, closure times not supplied.

Barn Close, Frome – street party, 10am-6pm.

Orchard Close, Frome – street party, noon-6pm.

Penneys Piece, Frome – street party, 9am-11pm.

High Street, Magdalene Street and Market Place, Glastonbury – street party, 10:30am-4pm.

Line Kiln Lane (between the A359 and Honey Wick Hill Road), Hadspen – street party, noon-7pm.

Halse Road (from The New Inn to Priory Lodge), Halse – street party, 11am-8pm.

Vale Steet (from Brook Lane to The Cross), Henstridge – street party, noon-midnight.

High Street, Ilchester – street party, 9am-8pm.

Church Lane, Kingston St. Mary – street party, 11:30am-5pm.

Langford Budville Road (between Martlett Inn and The Triangle), Langford Budville – street party, 10am-4pm.

Bower Hinton, Martock – street party, 8am-8pm.

New Street and Selwood Street, Mells – street party, 8am-8pm.

Spring Lane, Moorlinch – street party, 10am-4pm.

Church Lane, North Perrott – street party, 11am-4pm.

Cotton Patch Walk, North Petherton – street party, closure times not specified.

Unspecified roads,  Pitminster – street party, 10am-5pm.

Westfield, Shepton Mallet – street party, 8am-5pm.

Higher Shepton Road, Shepton Montague – street party, 10am-9pm.

New Street, Somerton – street party, 10am-8pm.

James Street and Market Square, South Petherton – street party, noon-6pm.

Unspecified roads, Stogursey – street party, 1-5pm.

Beech Road, Street – street party, noon-midnight.

Ashley Road, Taunton – street party, 6:30am-7pm.

Gill Cresent, Taunton – street party, 10:30am-6pm.

St. George’s Avenue, Taunton – street party, 8am-8pm.

Ashfield Close and Foghamshire Lane, Trudoxhill – street party, 10am-6pm.

The Borough, Wedmore – street party, 9am-8pm.

Market Street, Wells – street party, 8am-midnight.

Fore Street, West Camel – street party, closure times not supplied.

The Street, West Monkton – street party, 8am-4pm.

North Road, Wookey – street party, 10am-6pm.

Birchdale, Yeovil – street party, noon-6pm.

West Park, Yeovil – street party, 8am-8pm.


Alexandra Road, Frome – street party, 9am-6pm.