THERE will be major changes to recycling and rubbish collections across Somerset during the first two weeks of June due to the two Platinum Jubilee bank holidays.

Somerset Waste Partnership has announced the following changes:

  • No collections on Thursday, June 2. These collections will happen on Saturday, June 4.
  • No collections on Friday, June 3. These collections will happen on Monday, June 6.
  • All collections for the week beginning June 6 will take place one day later, including Friday, June 10 collections happening on Saturday, June 11.

Everyone needs to be sure they are aware of the changes and have their rubbish and recycling out by 7am on the right day.

You can double check on the My Collection Day feature on the SWP homepage to check when your waste will be collected or download a printable version of your collection day calendar.

Better still, use My Collection Day to download your collection days into the calendar on your laptop or mobile device (Apple or Android) creating automatic reminders.

An SWP spokesperson said: "Residents should plan ahead and do their best to minimise the waste from Jubilee celebrations and maximise recycling."

Helpful tips from SWP include:

  • Avoid plastic decorations – use paper or cloth instead. Flowers and foliage also make great decorations and can be composted.
  • Avoid the plastic bunting – use reusable fabric bunting or make your own
  • Steer clear of plastic drinking straws, balloons releases and Chinese lanterns – these are wasteful and a risk to wildlife.
  • Share chairs, tables, table cloths and catering equipment/tools – rather than buy new items that may not be used again.
  • If catering for others, know your numbers and preferred dishes to avoid waste.
  • Let people serve themselves to control portion sizes – calculate how much to make using this helpful tool com/portion-planner.
  • Avoid plastic cutlery, plates and cups – use washable items or get guests to bring their own.
  • Buy food with less packaging – use low waste shops if possible, or make from scratch.
  • Have a shopping list – so you only buy what you need and eat all you buy.
  • Have empty recycling boxes and bags ready and labelled-up – only bring out black sacks for rubbish once all the recycling has been identified.
  • Have food bins ready to use – lined with compostable liners or newspaper.
  • Anyone organising a street party on Saturday, June 4 should check if they are due a recycling and/or rubbish collection on that day and ensure crews can still get access to collect their waste.

Remember, collections usually due on Thursday 2 June will happen on Saturday 4 June.

Somerset’s crews make around 350,000 collections every week and you can help them by squashing, flattening and crushing your recycling if you can. It saves space in your boxes and bags and helps crews complete rounds quickly.

Squash plastic bottles and cartons and put the lids back on.

Crush tins and cans if it is safe to do so.

Flatten cardboard boxes and tear up larger pieces.

Tops, plastic or metal, can be left ON plastic bottles and glass bottles and jars, but remove the spray nozzles, trigger tops and pumps.

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