YEOVIL is the second easiest place in the whole of the UK to pass your driving test first time, according to a study.

Learner insurance experts Ingenie says two out of three candidates get to rip up their L plates after their first test in the South Somerset town.

The only other place in the country where your likely to be able to ditch your provisional licence quicker is Dorchester, across the border in Dorset

The first time pass rate in Dorchester is 67.3 per cent for tests sat between April 2020 and June 2021 - 715 passed first time out of 1,062 L drivers.

In Yeovil, the rate was 66.5 per cent, with 718 success out of 1,080 people.

Yeovil was followed by Abergavenny (65.1 per cent); Durham (63.7 per cent); Warrington (63.4 per cent); and Ipswich (63.3 per cent).

In total between April 2020 and June 2021, there were 248,293 first attempt tests taken in the UK with 126,742 passed - a 51 per cent pass rate.

Commenting on the figures, a spokesperson for Ingenie said: “The disparity shown in driving test pass rates for first attempts is fascinating.

"There are several factors that go into a driving test, however, this analysis highlights that there are huge differences between test centres.

"Someone is nearly twice as likely to pass their driving test on their first attempt in Dorchester as they are in Birmingham.”