EARLIER this week we asked our readers what they think is the most annoying thing another driver can do on the motorway.

We had a large number of responses, and many shared the same opinions on what frustrates them when on the road.

The key points taken though were that you don’t like people hogging the middle lane, tailgating and people cutting quickly in front of other drives.

To start we will take a look at your thoughts on tailgating.

Nigel Cropper said: “The most serious and dangerous issue is tailgating, and it seems to be becoming more common.

“Of course, it would help if other drivers occasionally looked in their mirrors and pulled over if someone is coming up behind them. But that is no excuse for tailgating, which is illegal anyway.”

Maurice Hopkins added: “Tailgating, especially when the flow won’t get them any further forward than your vehicle.”

Another point was drivers hogging the middle lane, or as Sue Green put it, a “middle lane cruiser”.

She added: “It’s got to be a middle lane cruiser and, someone who cuts in front of you when you’ve left the correct space between you and the car in front.

Drew Bennett said: “Middle lane hogging, without a doubt, and should be an offence. If you can't indicate and shift lanes in order of your speed, you shouldn't be driving in the first place.

“Most hoggers are just plane arrogant and oblivious to others.”

Phil Watson said: “I spend hours a day on motorways, and lane hogging is the worst thing.

“It is such an irritating habit that it's recently been made illegal and endorsed. It stops the flow of traffic, and is selfish; without any shadow of doubt, it's the worst motorway sin.”

Moving on to people overtaking or even undertaking very quickly.

Maurice Hopkins said: “When you leave a good distance from the vehicle in front & someone jumps in leaving an unsafe breaking distance along with significantly changing the natural flow of traffic.”

And Tanya Lane said that some drivers don’t seem to check: “Move into your lane without looking in mirrors and indicating.”