POLICE have arrested and questioned a 12-year-old boy in connection with a spate of crimes and anti-social behaviour in Langport.

Officers across Somerton and Langport are carrying out regular patrols in "key areas" to reassure members of the public and try to identify any issues occurring.

Police say the boy was quizzed in custody and enquiries are ongoing.

A spokesperson for the South Somerset Neighbourhood Policing team said: "We are aware there have been incidents of antisocial behaviour (ASB) in Langport recently and tackling ASB is one of our key priorities during the summer months.

"We wanted to update you on what has happened recently as part of efforts to tackle the issue.

"A 12-year-old boy has been arrested and interviewed in custody by officers about a number of crimes and ASB issues recently reported and enquiries are continuing.

"Officers and PCSOs across Somerton and Langport are carrying our regular patrols in key areas to provide firstly reassurance but also to help us identify any issues that may arise.

"PCSOs have been working with partner agencies and local businesses.

"They have also engaged with both primary and secondary schools to educate pupils and help to prevent crime.

"They will always be happy to chat if you have any concerns you want to raise with us.

"ASB can have a negative impact on a lot of people so we'd encourage all members of the public to report any incidents to us."