Glastonbury 2022 is now fully underway, as the festival returns for the first time in three years due to cancellations because of the Covid pandemic.

Yesterday (June 22) the festival's founder Michael Eavis opened up the gates to welcome attendees back in, and punters were able to enjoy the fine, sunny weather.

However, with thunderstorms and rain set to be occurring for the rest of the week, that might be the best it gets for attendees.

People wanting to freshen up at Glastonbury may be wondering if the festival offers showers, especially those who may be staying the full five days.

Somerset County Gazette: People at Glastonbury 2022 (Ben Birchall/PA)People at Glastonbury 2022 (Ben Birchall/PA)

Are there showers at Glastonbury?

On their website, Glastonbury said: "Due to the enormous demands on our water supply, Glastonbury is not able to offer large numbers of public showers.

"For those desperate for a shower, there are a small number of showers available at the bottom of the Kidzfield and in the Greenpeace field, but you should expect to queue for a while to use them.

"Otherwise, we’d just recommend packing a wash cloth and a bar of soap for a good ol’ fashioned stripwash and making do – it’s the true Glastonbury way!"