Glastonbury is well underway now and with more than 200,000 people set to descend on Worthy Farm in Pilton for the event, there’s bound to be traffic on the roads leading up to it.

Train strikes are also something to bare in mind this year so the experts at GoShorty have rounded up their top tips for travellers heading to the event.

Glastonbury 2022 began on Wednesday, June 22 and it’ll end on Sunday, June 26, 2022.

Travel tips for Glastonbury 2022

Leave as early as possible

It’s advised that setting off as early as possible could mean your time in traffic queues is less even if it means camping an extra night or sleeping in the car.

The experts explained that the traffic was set to hit its peak on Wednesday, the first day of the festival, particularly around junctions 25 and 23 of the M5 as well as the A39.

Although the first day is now over, it’ll be worth considering this if you’re travelling down on one of the other days in case it’s a similar situation.

Plan your journey

Ahead of your journey, the experts recommend that you check Maps for any delays or closures.

They say you might find it beneficial to travel on B roads depending where you’re starting your journey from.

Have a plan in place so you’re prepared if you come across any delays and include your stops so you can accommodate for your time off the road.

Plan your journey home

The experts warn that it can take up to nine hours to leave the car parks with the worst time for heading home via car being between 8am and 5pm on Monday.

Leaving between 1am and 7am on Monday could help you avoid these lengthy queues.

If you have any plans for Monday and need to be back home for a certain time, leave early and keep food and water in the car in case you spend time queuing.


Check your vehicle

The experts also say you should check your vehicle is road worthy before your journey.

Check that your tyres, air filters, oil and fluids are all good enough for driving a long distance.

Your lights need to work properly and you should have a spare tyre/repair kit with you and a form of roadside assistance.