SKUNK Anansie played an energetic set at Glanstobury Festival this afternoon (June 25).

The band played a mix of older tunes and new songs on the Other Stage engaging an enthusiastic crowd from start to finish.

The audience was buzzing but paralysed by an anxious wait but it all broke loose as soon as the band, led by Skin, who also appeared to break an instrument on stage, started to play.

Somerset County Gazette: Skunk Anansie on stageSkunk Anansie on stage

Somerset County Gazette: The moment when Skin seemed to break an instrument on stageThe moment when Skin seemed to break an instrument on stage

They started their performance with a George Orwell’s quote from Animal Farm that resonated through the speakers: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” highlighting the need for more equality in today’s society.

Skin sang the first few songs of the set right next to the Other Stage audience standing in the front rows and her voice was accompanied by a tight, thunderous bass guitar and drums, and distorted guitar.

Somerset County Gazette: Skin singing next to the crowdSkin singing next to the crowd

Mid-way through the set she made a pro-abortion statement but she had to rectify her words as the message initially came out, mistakenly, in the opposite way.

“Let me get this right – I am pro-abortion. I thought about this all through the song,” she then clarified.

The crowd responded well throughout the entire set and Skunk Anansie, who also played Glastonbury in 1999, never failed to constantly get them involved.

Somerset County Gazette:

Towards the end of the set, fans were singing along with the band when they played Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good).

It was yet another energetic and powerful set on the Other Stage after the ones played by The Libertines and The Foals.