ACTIVIST Greta Thunberg is calling on society to take action and fight the global climate crisis.

The 19-year-old is urging society to fight the climate emergency and said the crisis will be defeated only when “we priorities people over profit and greed”.

Thunberg sent her message from Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage today, June 25, introduced by Emily Eavis.

The Swedish activist also said that the world will be able to act “once we understand the full entity of the crisis."

She added: “The problem is the systems that allow this to happen. We are capable of the most incredible things, but only if we are given the full story,” she also said.

“We are approaching the precipice and I would strongly suggest that all of those who have not yet been greenwashed out of our senses to stand our ground.

“Do you not let them drag us another inch closer to the edge. Right now is where we stand our ground,” she concluded.