SEVERAL ‘mysterious’ lights were spotted in the skies above Taunton last night (Wednesday, June 29).

Philippa Harrison filmed the lights from her home after spotting them while watching the television at around 11:15pm.

She says the lights were visible for approximately half an hour and were coming from the direction of Musgrove Park Hospital and the Tesco superstore.

Philippa then uploaded her footage to YouTube in two videos: ‘Mysterious light show in sky over Taunton’ and ‘More mysterious lights over Taunton’.

Her videos show some lights flickering in the sky before becoming much brighter and then disappearing.

At one point, it looks like a laser beam is being pointed at the sky in the bottom left-hand corner of the video, perhaps explaining the source of at least some of the overhead lights.

Philippa said: “I filmed this in the south side of the town, in the Wilton area. 

“The lights appeared whilst I was watching TV in the conservatory. I could see this sort of strobe effect in the corner of my eye.

“I ignored it to begin with as I thought it was someone in the bedroom above moving around with the light on in their bedroom and the blinds were up. 

“However, it didn't stop, so I stepped outside into my garden and saw the lights in the sky. I grabbed my phone and videoed the whole display. It must have lasted about 30 minutes. 

“The lights were coming from Musgrove Park Hospital direction and over towards the large Tesco in town. 

“Quite often we get the helicopter land at the hospital, but there was no helicopter that I heard at all, and that wouldn't explain the lights over towards Tesco.”

What do you think the lights are? Spotlights and lasers, or something else?