SIGNAGE upgrades at The Courtyard in Taunton Independent Quarter have been finished.

Work started in the middle of May to smarten up the front of The Courtyard.

The new signage was done in line with The Courtyard celebrating it’s 40 year anniversary since opening.

On social media, Taunton Independent Quarter said: "The mission was to smarten up the front of The Courtyard with some fresh new signage that catches the eye! Mission complete!

"Thanks to husband and wife team, Gordie and Mandi from local sign writing company Jacks & Stripes for working on this huge project for St James Courtyard, Taunton.

Jacks and Stripes are a husband and wife team who work together, Gordie does the woodwork and Mandi does the side writing and lettering by hand.

Every bit of lettering has been hand painted on by Mandi in situ, working while the scaffolding was up over the last few weeks.

The project was funded by the businesses within St James Courtyard.