A LOCAL author has written and self-published a crime thriller set in Taunton and the surrounding area. 

Emma Marie's novel REPENT follows Jessica Fisher as she tries to solve a series of disturbing - and seemingly linked - murders.

The book's blurb says: “The woman welcomes the idea of death after what her captor has already put her through. 

“She watches as he strikes the match and tosses it onto her bed, waits for the sweet relief of unconsciousness to take over, yet she can’t help but wonder what he means as he speaks the only words of the night: ‘I always said I would win one day.’

“Jessica Fisher has her work cut out for her with her first case as detective inspector – three gruesome murders have stacked up and they soon receive a threat of a fourth victim.

“All the evidence seems to be pointing to one man, but Jessica’s gut is telling her that he isn’t the killer they are looking for.

“Elsewhere, a counsellor delves into the past of a man who seems to want to get something off his chest. Their sessions lead the counsellor to believe the man may be involved in the murders; now in his sixties, could he really be capable of such horrific killings?

“Throughout all of this, Jessica is struggling with an attraction to a detective sergeant on her team who is married, yet who seems to have mutual feelings for her. Can she keep her personal world away from her work one, or will she find that the two worlds collide?”

REPENT was published on June 29, and the 225-page thriller is available as a Kindle eBook.

It is available for free for users with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, or it can be purchased for £1.99.

You can find out more about REPENT or purchase the eBook by visiting www.amazon.co.uk/REPENT-EMMA-MARIE-ebook/dp/B0B5HF3SF2/.