TAUNTON-based independent property agents Alpha Housing Services have received a prestigious ARMA award for outstanding customer service.

A company spokesperson said: "Block and property management is not just painting walls and replacing light bulbs.

"Alpha has turned buildings with maintenance challenges into thriving places to live.

"Through the use of customer case studies, the team were able to highlight to the judges how they provide exceptional service not only daily but also in times of complex and unprecedented situations."

Following the win, managing director Piers Wrangham said: "The team and I were utterly delighted to win this award.

"It was certainly the award that we felt meant the most to us.

"We have always prided ourselves on putting our customers at the heart of what we do, so to win, with such a high standard and against competition from other national agents has reaffirmed how worthwhile all the hard work is on a daily basis."

The ARMA judges recognised that the team at Alpha work hard to listen to clients and understand requirements and were impressed at Alpha's ability to provide necessary services to support each property management need even during complex situations.

They said: "This entry really stood out, particularly with the use of video case studies and strong google reviews.

"Alpha were very honest about the challenges they faced and how they have overcome them."

With more than one hundred 5 star Google reviews, Alpha has proven to be among the top one property and block management companies in the South West in 2022 - and they aren’t planning on slowing down any time soon.