Imagine being an able polite student who has worn one too many earings, resulting in being segregated away from the rest of your peers, this is the current situation for pupils at castle school where draconian uniform policy reigns supreme.

Behavourial issues (which are admittedly less easy to spot) go awry whilst the colour of your hair, nails, shoes means your are pulled out of line at morning registration and sent to "the hub".

Heaven forbid you forget to wear your tie!

No play time outside for the kid with the wrong colour tint in his hair, the child wearing the all black nike shoes has to sit in a different room because nike is NOT on the school list of "accepted brands".

Would anyone else be subjected to such rules in their day job? Obviously within the relms of sensibility and safety.

Surely in these modern times where we implore people to not differentiate based on race, creed, sexuality should we not apply the same to our teenagers dress sense?

Let's give them a little freedom to express themselves, and I'm sure in return a more rewarding and engaging atmosphere will develop in the classroom.


Galmington, Taunton