HAVING just read the article on Ian Liddell-Grainger’s comments on Taunton station and staff, I felt the need to write to the Gazette.

I was amazed that he considered the staff to be the most ‘officious, rude and unhelpful’ on the network’. This statement seemed to me to be officious and surely an exaggeration unless Mr Liddell-Grainger has travelled the whole network.

He casts a slur on all staff working at the station. Or maybe it’s just a pompous statement from an MP looking for a bit of publicity in a newspaper. 

In any organisation there may be unhelpful staff but as a frequent train user I have always found staff at Taunton station are helpful and pleasant.

The ticket office staff often take time to find me the best tickets for my journeys and queries are answered in a pleasant and helpful manner. The new layout of the station may not suit or please everyone, most developments will have their supporters and detractors.

I am elderly and use the Kilkenny car park but I haven’t found it a problem and the new entrance to the station is spacious and attractive.

I understand the need to highlight issues and to tackle problems but to criticise staff using such comments is unwarranted and unfair and maybe Mr Liddell-Grainger should raise those issues with the Station prior to commenting to the newspaper.

G Tomson