A COUPLE of ponies abandoned in a field for more than a fortnight are recovering in the care of an animal welfare charity.

The animals, given the names of Barley, due to the field where they were rescued, and Easton, as the pair were left in the village of Ston Easton, had been left in the field just outside Wells earlier this month (July).

They are now being given round the clock care in a new temporary paddock.

An investigation is being carried out to try to find out who was responsible for abandoning them.

A Mendip Neighbourhood Policing spokesperson said: "Barley and Easton will receive around the clock care from specialist staff and veterinarians.

"An investigation is still ongoing in regards to the circumstances of the abandonment.

"They are now in their new temporary paddock ready to begin the newest chapter of their lives thanks to everyone involved.

"A special thank you to the farmer and his staff for their support during this time. Their actions prevented what could have quite easily become life threatening circumstances."