A special floral display awaits visitors to the Taunton Flower Show this year.

Monkton Elm Garden Centre will be among the traders in the Floral Marquee, the centrepiece of the event which contains displays of some of the biggest floral traders in the country.

The entry will focus on the 'horticultural journey and colourful life' of the late David and Luella Bellman - who founded the centre and made it what it is today.

David was born in Elton, London with early years in Newport, Pembrokeshire before moving to Kenya in 1950 where his father was stationed after the war.

He met Luella in Kenya where their children were born.

They farmed mainly coffee, cattle and corn for many years.

Upon returning to England in the late 1970s David was keen to try and find something that suited his horticultural background, and that’s when they spotted the tomato nursery.

Within a few years, they decided to convert the nursery to a garden centre, which first opened to the public in 1982.

It has now become an award-winning garden centre, employing nearly 120 staff, many of whom have been at the garden centre for more than 20 years.

David passed away in February 2020 following Luella's death in 2018.

His family said Monkton Elm was his life and that he was the heart and soul of it.

They said: "Our family grew up on the site and he always encouraged us to play an active role in the business.

"He loved to get involved in the practical day-to-day running of things but was also known for his attention to detail.

"Our father knew that people are the greatest asset of any business.

"The staff at the garden centre were always viewed and still are viewed as part of the extended family and he was often seen chatting to them throughout the day."

David's life-long passion was horticulture, and always aimed to provide the highest standard of produce and products, as well as being an avid participant at Taunton Flower Show himself.

The Cridland Trophy will be awarded for the best large exhibitor in the Floral Marquee. The Tom Green Plate will be awarded for the best small exhibitor.

The judges will be Mark Penton, Gerald Morgan and Chris Arnold.