The most famous person from Taunton has been revealed, according to a new interactive map.

Mapbox researcher and geographer Topi Tjukanov developed the insightful map which reveals the birthplaces of the most 'notable people' around the world.

The data is based on a study published in June this year from researchers at the University of Paris. 

A person's significance was calculated based on information scraped from Wikipedia and Wikidata. 

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The data accounts for a series of factors including the number of Wikipedia entries, their average length, the average number of views from 2015-18 as well as the total number of external links.

"The data contains a rank value and a notability "sum value" these are used to determine which names are shown and how big they are," Mr Tjukanov explained to users on Twitter.

You can explore the map and view the noteworthy people from hometowns all over the world in four different categories:

  • Culture
  • Discovery & Science
  • Leadership
  • Sports & Games

Who is the most famous person from Taunton?

Somerset County Gazette: The interactive map replaces place names with the names of the most notable people. Picture: Mapbox/Topi TjukanovThe interactive map replaces place names with the names of the most notable people. Picture: Mapbox/Topi Tjukanov

The interactive map reveals Jenny Agutter as Taunton's most notable person.

Actor Jenny Agutter is perhaps best known for starring in the Railway Children, first as a child actor in the 1968 television adaptation and again in a 2000 adaptation where this time she starred as the mother. 

She has also enjoyed a Hollywood film career appearing in An American Werewolf in London and Child's Play 2.

More recently she has starred in the BBC drama Call the Midwife.

Born in Taunton, as a child she also spent time in Singapore, Dhekelia in Cyprus and Kuala Lumpur in Malaya.

Other notable names from the town include the founder of Canada's Moosehead Brewery, Susannah Oland from West Monkton, professional footballer Percival Whitton born in Creech St Michael and trull-born ornithologist Constantine Walter Benson.

Beyond the borders of Somerset, Agatha Christie is credited with being the most notable person from the South West, comic Charlie Chaplin the most significant person from London and for England as a whole, Winston Churchill comes out on top.