PEOPLE have rallied round to support the family of a Somerset teenager who died from stab wounds last weekend.

One of Charley Bates's best friends has set up a crowdfunding page that has already raised more than £20,000.

Will Lakey says on the GoFundme page that he may not be Charley's blood family, "but he was a brother to me".

Will adds that Charley, 16, who died from stab wounds in Radstock on Sunday (July 31), "stood by the people he cared about the most".

"Char never put himself first. He always thought of other people and that’s what he died doing," said Will.

"He was such a kind kid who never deserved to have his life stripped away from him.

"The potential this boy had was unbelievable."

Will described Charley as an "intelligent" boy who knew how to handle problems "the correct way" and led a "kind, gentle and warming life".

"Me and C sat through the whole of secondary together," added Will.

"I had some of the worst times at that place, but the only thing that made it better was CB - he was there for me when no one was."

Will concluded by saying the money raised could be spent by Charley's family however they wished to do.

To donate to the fundraiser click HERE.

*Joshua Delbono, 18, of Slipps Close, Frome, appeared at Bristol Crown Court yesterday (Thursday, August 4) after being charged with Charley's murder.

Delbono was remanded in custody and ordered to appear in court again on Friday, September 30, ahead of a trial provisionally booked for January 23 next year.

Three other people arrested in connection with Charley’s death have been released under investigation and all are now residing outside the Avon and Somerset area.