A GROUP of non-runners have transformed themselves in just eight weeks.

The latest cohort people aspiring to complete the Taunton Couch to 5k course have graduated, despite the recent record temperatures.

It means a total of more than 410 people have now participated in the free programme held in the county town's Longrun Meadow.

Michael Sharpe, secretary at organisers Taunton Fitness Club, said: "The runners' coaches and regular members of the club were on hand to ensure everyone got around the course safely, and although of different abilities, the runners were all in just over 45 minutes.

"Each runner received a specially struck medal and a certificate recognising their achievement."

Taunton Fitness Club is a free community club for walking, running and cycling.

The next Couch to 5K programme will be in the autumn - beginners and non-runners can register here https://taunton-fitness.uk/c25k.php