PLATINUM skies have stated publicly how much, over £31 million, they have invested in Taunton and how this is worth three times as much to the local economy, in respect of employment and residential spending.

Also if you take into account over 100 voters paying in excess of £150,000 council tax per annum, the benefits to the community are obvious.

In return nothing is being done to improve the environment, wellbeing of our neighbours and to deal with the disruptive and degenerative issues of this once lovely town.

It is now time to put the welfare of the elderly residents first, the rest of the population will reach that description soon enough. Don’t allow them to feel, worried, intimidated or scared anymore.

The officials, managers, council and police who have not protected and served the generation who have earned the right to live in a safe and peaceful place, who appear not to care and are not willing to act now should feel ashamed for their failure.

Russell Atherton