TWO boys carrying a ball walk towards Wilton Lands. I don’t say anything, they’ll soon find out for themselves that they’re not welcome here.

The rest of the country may be encouraging children to exercise, but not here in Taunton. We’ve fenced our park off for the Flower Show, still days away, so children can get lost. 

Surely we must be the only town in the country that would close its central park in the middle of the school holidays? How can we allow it to happen?

Yes, the Flower Show brings a lot of enjoyment to people and trade to the town and I can see why the park has to be closed to set it up.

But why Wilton Lands too?

In the past, they would continue to be available for recreation, now the Flower Show has grabbed that as well.

The morning before the show, I could still only see one small tent on Wilton Lands and yet it had been closed off for days.  Pigeons and seagulls could use the wide open space, but no one else.

There was no reason why it had to be fenced off almost a week before. 

The Flower Show ought to be told that they can have Wilton Lands for the two days of the show and a half day either side.

If they don’t like that, they should find somewhere else. 

N D Robertson